Private Shuttle Prices

Private Transfer Rates:

Routes Ford Transit - 14 Passangers Mercedes Benz Sprinter - 11 Passangers
YVR to/from Whistler C$350 C$350
DT Vancouver to/from Whistler C$325 C$325
Vancouver to/from Horseshoe Bay C$150 C$150
Vancouver to/from Tsawwassen Ferry C$150 C$150
Surrey to Vancouver C$150 C$150
Hourly Rates C$110 C$110
YVR to Whistler Roundtrip C$700 C$700
Routes International Turtle Top - 20 Passangers 36 Passanger Bus
YVR to/from Whistler C$625 C$750
DT Vancouver to/from Whistler C$600 C$700
Vancouver to/from Horseshoe Bay C$200 C$350
Vancouver to/from Tsawwassen Ferry C$200 C$350
Surrey to Vancouver C$175
Hourly Rates C$175 C$250
YVR to Whistler Roundtrip C$950
YVR to Abbotsford Airport C$300 C$350

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